NETHERLANDS were formed in 2008 in NYC by Timo Ellis (guitar, vocals) with Ava Farber (synthbass) and Zach Eichenhorn (drums)

Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis is from NYC. He's recorded and played with Yoko Ono, Cibo Matto, John Zorn, The Melvins, Gibby Haynes, Ween, Joan As Police Woman, Spacehog, and White Hills among many others, as well as put out over 25 musically widely varied solo albums as TE and under several other pseudonyms. 

NETHERLANDS rejects restraint in favor of maximum impact: shredding chops, soaring vocals, and maddening hooks. Following Ellis' mission statement of making music that is equally "light-hearted, brutal, ecstatic", Netherlands crushes decades' worth of bombast into psychotropic nuggets of evil rock bliss. With nods to the dirtbag rituals of 70s heavy metal, the grandeur of 80s arena rock, and the crunch of 90s post-hardcore.